Slavic Folklore And Russian Beauty Photography

The beauty of Russian women is revealed through the charm and glamour of the soul. The image of Slavic women in history has many faces thought our folklore: it is hard worker and a tireless and compassionate sister, and a caring mother, a tender wife, but most of all – loyal friend. Slavic women is ready not only to support but also to inspire all of their loved ones and use their self-sacrificing loyalty to their ideals. For centuries, women were regarded as the first of the Russian national beauties. So what should be a modern Russian or Slavic beauty?! You are waiting for the most gentle, alluring, mysterious and beautiful female images.

Get inspired by this photo-shoot and boldly plunge into a beautiful Russian winter. Photo project “Russian beauty”  held on December 15, 2013 on modern Russian beauties. Special thanks to the head of the salon “Russian style” for their organization and providing costumes for shooting! Project team: Project author Alexander Kopylov

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