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Slavic God Perun Revived As Czechs Name Their New Military Transport Vehicle By His Name

Some serious infantry thunder strikes are expected after this

Photo: Youtube screenshoot & Slavorum

Czech seem to be very handy when it comes to automobile industry, however this time they surprised us with a new military vehicle “Perun 4×4”. Claims on such a vehicle are high. It serves not only for transporting (up to) five people, but it also functions as a logistical base for all the necessary material, mainly ammunition, fuel and equipment supplies. Vehicles designed for special units must also be equipped with sufficient ballistic protection, which Perun best meets compared to vehicles of the same category reports

Equipped with a 12.7mm heavy caliber, a lightweight machine gun controlled from the passenger seat, and a sink. This enables small, special forces teams to conduct operations in the depths of the enemy. The drive is powered by a 240 kW engine coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission. A vehicle weighing 13 tons! it can move up to 110 km / h. In addition, the car has a type of chassis that allows the driver to control both axles, allowing the car to be perfectly maneuvered.

Photo: Youtube screenshoot
Perun 4×4 was ordered by the Ministry of Defense in March of this year in a number of 4 pieces to be handed over to the 601st Special Forces Group in Prostějov in March 2018. According to director Jaroslav Černý, SVOS plans to produce a version of Perun with an armored cabin by the end of the year also larger version with 6×6 drive.
Photo: Youtube screenshoot

Due to contracted orders from foreign clients, it is estimated that the company will eventually produce up to 100 vehicles a year.

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