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Slavic inspired tattoo designs

Slavic inspired tattoo designs – It’s an ancient tradition that has been practiced by most of the human populations on Earth. We used to mark ourselves for all kind of reasons, some where personal, some where to show the status inside the society or where you belong, and on end some were just of artistic nature…but today in century there is an animosity towards tattooed people and the act itself in European and in general white societies, even thought it has been the part of European tradition from it’s beginnings.

Now these tattoos range from funny looking to cultural and identity focused, considering we don’t question taste it’s best that you judge each of them on your own. What’s your opinion on tattooing, and would you do it yourself?

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and last on our list, not maybe history theme but it will enter the history:


So what do you think about getting a Slavic tattoo yourself? If you already have one feel free to leave a comment with a description of yours!

What do you think?

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