Slavic Kremlin in Valischevo village

Slavic Kremlin is a complex of several buildings, landing on the area of 2,4 ha near the Valischevo village, 30 km from Moscow oblast. The author and owner of this project is Russian traveller Vitaliy Sundakov. On the territory of Slavic Kremlin there are the buildings as ‘Knyaziy Terem’, ‘Slavyanskij Khram’, tent mill and Russian izba taken from the North of Russia. It holds annual ethnographic, historical, cultural and music festivals. Here the spokesmen of different clubs of historical reconstruction from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Germany hold the  holydays, creative meetings, master classes and individual events.The aim of creation such a complex is :

–  the formation national-territorial culture of Russian society;
–  to show how were look like some important artefacts from ancient time;
–  popularization the Russian and world history and geography.

This Kremlin was found by Sundakov Vitaliy (Svyatoslav) Vladimirovich in 2005.
As he said: “in the year of 7514 to the memory of our great ancestors, to the glory of Land of Russia.”

(«в лето 7514 в память о Предках великих, во славу Земли русской»).



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