Slavic wooden ship building from history still goes on

Slavic wooden ship building – In Russia today we will take a look how reconstructions of Varangian longships called Varyag (and more modern versions from 18th century by the same name) look like. As part of the Great Expedition Onega in Karelia they have visited the shipyard wooden shipbuilding “Varyag” . It is situated next to the port in a large hangar. “Varyag” – a unique (if not the only) of its kind of business, are engaged in designing and construction of wooden vessels such as: sea cruise sailing yachts and sailboats educational, recreational sailing and motor boats, roving and tourist boats, fishing boats, sea types of boats Yal-2, Yal-4, Yal-6, pleasure-sailing rowing boats, traditional folk boats “Sojm”, “kizhanka”, “Finn” and others. See how the production of these ships look like in next images: via(source)


Do you like wooden ships and do you have similar factories in your regions?

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