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Slavik is the most fashionable homeless Ukrainian

Slavik  from Ukraine – homeless man, known only by the name Slavik, has attracted public attention after it was accidentally on the street noticed by the Ukrainian photographer Dyachyshyn Yurko, who then began to photograph him. Both series of commemorative photos Slavikovich called “Slavik’s Fashion”, which was created through the last two years, now has over a hundred photos, which we can see Slavik in various and quite unusual outfit for person of homeless background. It’s quite happy to see that even homeless people care for fashion and way they are perceived by others! Slavik is 55 years old. He is a very special homeless and Roma. In fact, he does not carry a lot of bags with them as another homeless and you will not see him digging through garbage,” he said Dyachyshyn, reports Bored Panda. Slavik will never be seen in the same clothes .” via (mymodernmet, featureshot)


Sometimes outfit changes twice a day, every day taking care of his haircut and shave regularly,” added the photographer. How is that possible?” Asked Dyachyshyn and added: Slavik is mostly wandering the streets, asking people pennies, but he never get’s tired.”


Slavik said “I often drink alcohol, mostly beer, but i am not an alcoholic. He’s definitely the most modern and most prestigious homeless man in the world “concluded photographer Dyachyshyn. Slavik during the two years got used to the photographers attention, but this was not about the daily meetings, but on special occasions when the two of them manage to meet during days.


 If I could find free time I’d go to a place where I thought I would find Slavik,” he said. “The most important thing in life is health, but also our inner peace,” said on one occasion Slavik, who was last seen in January 2013.

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