Slavs And Their Professional Dreams Can Get Big Too

The story of Croatian fashion designer

Slavs are famous because they are strong and always follow their dreams. No matter what kind of story they have and where life brings them, they never give up trying. That is one of a positive points that they have. They are intelligent, hardworking and dedicated to their goals.

I could tell you a lot of stories about those stubborn Slavs that have made it. It’s not easy, it will never be, but we must never stop hoping. I have chose one young lady with very interesting story. She can be an example for all the people teaching them that it’s never too late for our dreams.

The story of Sladjana Krstic is an example of how you should never ever give up on your dreams, you should always believe in yourself and be stubborn till the end. It doesn’t matter how many years we have, how our life was easy or difficult. Persistence and faith will always (but always) bring results. Just stay strong, believe in yourself and never give up. No matter how hard it may seem.
Sladjana since she was a little girl knew exactly what she wanted to be. She always dreamt the same thing. To become a professional designer.

At the begining she was creating interesting clothes for her dolls. The creations were made of paper woven with love. In her hometown Split in Croatia (southern coast of Dalmatia and the second biggest city in Croatia) she finishes the arts high school and she enters the modern art and design, becoming a graphic designer. Life decisions are leading her to Rome in 1993, where she always dreamt of continuing the study of design, but we all know that life is never to be planned. We know that plans are never as we want and sometimes life plays with us some serious jokes.


Work, life, husband and son have “moved” her dream. Moved but not deleted. It has always remained inside her heart and soul. Sladjana rolled up her sleeves, moved away the dust on the way to her dream and recently completed the Academy Altieri in Rome and became a fashion designer. She began to accumulate a success (in a very short period of time) are worth mentioning and admiration for this strong and courageous young woman.

– In July 2014 Sladjana Krstic with Altieri Academy contributes to the realization of costumes for science fiction movie “Androni-Black Labyrinth”.
– July 2015 participates in week of high Roman fashion with her brand “Contrast Haute Cauture” which was launched with her friend and colleague Maria Giovanna Selis, and with their brand entering the final competition “Fashion under the stars” representing in Spoleto clothes and creations inspired by Andy Warhol , inventor of Pop Art.

– In March and May 2016 Sladjana participates on Italian television, RAI 2 more specifically in the program “Detto Fatto” where she literally swept away the concurrency of more than a thousand participants to enter the Academy of Gianni Molaro (famous Italian designer).


In the same program, won the award for best designed outfit, and the theme was “Preventing disease through diet” .
– After the victory, the fashion designer Gianni Molaro is so fascinated with her creations that he leads her to Cyrus Cafe Bacoli to present their creations during his show.
– After that participates in a number of magazine (including the magazine Ferarri) and the competition for the best clothes and uniforms for the Italian postman where again won the award as a “social” fashion designer.
“From an early age I wanted to be an artist and I have never betrayed my dream” – says Sladana.

“I like to paint on canvas, in particular, use 3D colours that give volume and three-dimensionality to my clothes. I want to see my clothes worn by ordinary people, those who feel like artists and they want something unique and special. They want to be different from others and not part of the mass. For me, fashion is art, so why not wear clothes and art ?! ”

Her style is a street style and can not be described by words “in” and “cool.”
Italian, and Croatian media have widely write about her, and she just concentrates on her dream. And the results are more than evident. You can be sure that we will hear a lot more about her, so remember the name Sladana Krstic.

As you can see on the photos, her designed clothes are more than interesting. They are certainly different from other things that you can see. They are unique and they are pretty elegant. They are full of colour, full of life joy and enthusiasm. If you have a possibility to wear them you will feel much more happier. Throw away all those black and dark clothes and dress with the joy of Sladana design. Follow your dreams and never give up no matter how old are you.

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