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Slovakia – While most of us dream about living in big and spacious houses, in reality more and more people every year have to squeeze themselves into tiny little flats. Did you know that the average living space for 40 percent of us is only 15 square meters?! Reasons? Most of all, this is about the ever-growing rate of urbanization – we all want to work in the city, live in the city, party in the city…but hey, there´s just not enough space for all of us (not to mention the sky-high city center rentals)!

Slovak designers Silvia Mládenková and Peter Frisch came with a bold idea that can help us feel a bit more comfortable in our small city dens – multi-functional sideboard that can stand for ten different furniture types and saves as much as 6,5 square meters of our living space.

The smallest apartment in the world measures 4,65 square meters. SOURCE:HAP/QUIRKY CHINA NEWS/REX / REX USA

Small but central

No matter how picturesque and romantic Slovak rural backcountry is, what most of young Slovaks want nowadays is to have their home in the center of a big city. Well, there are not many big cities in this small central European country – as a result most of these youngsters end up tightly fitted in the rather small centre of Slovak capital Bratislava.

Slovak interior designer Peter Frisch knows the situation very well – in fact, his ambitions drove him even further when he decided to move into the city center of nearby Wien and ended up squeezed in even smaller (and more expensive) studio. However, these rather unpleasant circumstances inspired him to create something unprecedented – an intelligent sideboard ready to substitute up to ten different furniture types while taking as little of your free space as possible. In fact, it measures only 125 x 15 x 50 cm.

Multifunctional sideboard invented by Slovak designers can save 6,5 square meters of your living space… SOURCE: CREATESPACE.SK …and it also looks quite stunning! SOURCE: CREATESPACE.COM

Table?  Chair? Cupboard? No problem!

This minimalistic sideboard can be adjusted by few simple moves into the table of various lengths, widths and heights – serving as a dining table for two or four persons, working desk, bar top, writing desk etc. You will also find four versatile dining chairs and two stylish bar chairs integrated straight into the commode. All the while this commode serves as a nice cupboard, compact wardrobe or a modern bookshelf.  Even when you unfold it to its maximum, it still preserves at least 60 percent of its storage space.

This impressive Slovak invention is not only extremely smart and convenient but also looks stunning. Its creators plan to produce it in various colors so it can be a perfect fit for any environment. Why the future tense? Unfortunately, this great invention cannot yet be found in any furniture store. Peter Frisch and Silvia Mládenková working under the brand are currently looking for a partner to fund its mass production. However, if you are interested, you can already place a non-binding pre-order on their webpage and guarantee your very own piece of the furniture of future right now….

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