Slovak Photographer Makes Cool Heavy Metal Photography

Peter Majkut a skilled photographer came to a great idea to make a heavy metal “Dark Machine” photography shooting. This work is inspired by a science fiction storyline and dark gloomy atmosphere as if from another another galaxy. His photos are all actually not form another planet but from a motorway construction are in center of Europe, our beautiful Slovakia. He is using 11mm ultra-wide panoramas skillfully combined with dynamic images to take photos of these machines. His photo manipulation on end creates a dramatic otherworldly lightning and is often shooting them in long exposure shots. It took him at times even more than 10 hours of work per each photos, so that can give you an idea how hard work is to produce images like these. Also his gear is Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 mm, Photoshop, and the Nik Software Collection and a bit of beautiful otherworldly Slovakia! More info: | Peter Majkut

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