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Slovak Soviet Era Pools Captured in Synchronistic Brutalist Photoshoot By Photographer Maria Svarbova

Echoes from the old system are still all around us from public life to sports

Photo: Maria Svarbova / Facebook

It is about time we introduce you to another photographer, Maria Svarbova, who comes from Slovakia. Why she deserved an article here is because of her photography style that is inspired by Soviet era swimming pools and the sterile, geometric aesthetics from such architectural ‘brutalist’ style.

She took those photos in her native Slovakia in the local ‘Soviet era’ pools. Most of her subjects and scenes were highly controlled in order she could achieve that dramatic shadow play, neat reflections and bland colors like from the ‘Soviet era’ cameras. More info: InstagramBehance (h/t: designyoutrust)

“The figures are mid-movement, but there is no joyful playfulness to them,” says Sarbova’s artist statement about the project. “Frozen in the composition, the swimmers are as smooth and cold as the pools tiles…Despite the retro setting, the pictures somehow evoke a futuristic feeling as well, as if they were taken somewhere completely alien.”

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