Slovenian Army Barracks Turned Into Psychedelic Hostel

What you are about to see might look a bit scary to you, however you should not fear it because this Slovenian art commune known in public as Metelkova was once a army barracks. Today it serves as a psychedelic and chill giving commune showing various naive art, graffiti and other junk. The base was built back in 1911. by famous Astro-Hungarian army and it consists of several barracks (7 exactly) sitting on a small area. This was used by army all the way until 1991 until the Yugoslavia breakdown and as Slovenia attained it’s independence so the army left this location to fight it’s own battle with time.

Once closed it didn’t have to wait long before squatters started settling in, decorating it in their own weird way and as such Slovenian government wanted to wreck the place down.

However over 200 activists and artists came to protest over demolition of this site and government decided to spare it.

Thanks to these events today if you want to scare your children you can take them there and they’ll be quiet as a charm just not to return to this psychodelic hell hole. Government still doesn’t like this site and they still want to take it down, so they took down one building in 1997 and another in 2006. 

However still some buildings stand there with their freaky art and even a bar, nightclub and a hostel was opened there…if you dare to sleep over.

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