Slovenian Lake Bled Has A Magical Sunrise

Aleš Krivec a Slovenian photographer has captured probably one of the most beautiful sunrise photos ever take, more so because it’s at lake Bled in Slovenia. Local Slovenians love the place Ojstrica that has through years become one of the most favorable locations for photography on Lake Bled, so if you ever buy a Bled postcard it’ll probably be taken from there. Aleš said his friend invited him to show him this secret photographers utopia of a place, so that’s the point when he came to capture the amazing photos from there to share it with others. As you can see due to mountain clear air of Slovenia the weather is perfect and the morning was crystal clear so that’s one other reason why the photos looks so good. Later fog came and made the photos that much more amazing so enjoy the work of Aleš and you can see more of his work on: Instagram | Facebook | |

bled-misty-morning-1-dreamy__880 Capturing-a-spectacular-sunrise-at-lake-Bled1__880 Capturing-a-spectacular-sunrise-at-lake-Bled2__880 Capturing-a-spectacular-sunrise-at-lake-Bled3__880 Capturing-a-spectacular-sunrise-at-lake-Bled5__880 mist-sunrise-landscape-photography-ales-krivec-lake-bled-slovenia

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