Slovenian National Costumes

Narodna noša or national costume has a long tradition. It got it’s final shape in the 19th century. Today it is a symbol of Slovenia and Slovenedom, but originally it was just one out of many costumes, traditional for Slovenia. It is also known under the name Gorenjska noša (Upper Carniolan costume) though it was originally common for only a smaller area – it it’s original shape, not counting other similar ones.


The costume is a “mašni gvant”, which means it was worn only on special ocasions like going to church and similar. Today it is mostly worn by folklore groups and musicians of Oberkrainer style polka music and such.


Men’s costume is composed of a white shirt without any ornaments. Over it a scarf was worn.

On top, a “lajbič” or telovnik, which means a vest. Those could be from various materials (depending on the social status), often with flower ornaments. The buttons could be made of silver, which richer people could aford. They can be seen in colors like black, red, green, blue and others. For Slovenia, red and black vests are most common.

Beneath the leather pants were worn long white pants, sometimes called long underwear, which is one of the main things what keeps us apart from some Austrians. Over those podhlače “irharce”/lederhosen/leather pants must be worn. Always reaching only to the knees. And ofc some nice leather boots – either with red ornaments or without. All together it looks like this:

And finally the hat. It’s a simple folk’s black hat with “krivci” – those feathers, which are called kuražfedre here.

All together:

Women’s costume consists of a dress, several pieces of underwear, a sklepanec belt and an avba.

Since Gorenjska noša is only one version of the alpine costume, there are also costumes from other regions outside Slovenia who might resemble it.
Like the Kärntner Tracht, especially in regions where Slovenes live:

Or this Czech costume:

I’m open for any questions. You’re also free to send aditional pictures of the Slovene national costume, other Slovene folk costumes or foreign costumes who look similar to Gorenjska noša.

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