Slovenian Škocjan Caves Look Like Moria

You know that scene from Lord of the Rings where Gandalf shouts “You Shall Not Pass” to a demon called “Balrog”? Well if you ever wanted to recreate such a scene, you can go to Škocjan Caves which is a cave system that is located in Slovenia, Europe. This cave is integrated in the Škocjan Caves Regional Park. If you ever wondered the total length of the Škocjan cave system is about 6 kilometers, which is pretty damn long, but the most amazing thing is the vertical difference between the highest entrance (a 90-meter-deep abyss called Okroglica) and the lowest point in the caves (the siphon), which is 205 meters deep. The grottoes are the creation of the Reka River, an underground river that springs from below the plateau.

The amazing underground canyon is what makes Škocjan Caves really special, and it is believed it’s thousand years old so you can only imagine what secrets dwell within it.

Amazing underground chambers also offer a lot to explore for tourists, such as Martels Chamber 89 meters wide, 106 meters high and 308 meters long with large cross-section reaching 12,000 square meters. Back in 1986, Škocjan Caves entered the UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites. Only what we can say is it definitely deserved it.

…on end wouldn’t you agree there is a lot of resemblance between this cave and LOTR Gandalf scene?

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