Slovenians and Croats On A Brink Of Diplomatic Crisis Over A Little Bay, Because That’s What Slavs Do

Slavs gonna Slav because that is what Slavs do

Savudrija Bay is becoming a hot little bay ever since Slovenians and Croats can’t make a normal agreement on border dispute and joint usage of the corridor. The local fishermen had the opportunity to observe the Slovenian Triglav gunboat cruising the area, which made the local Croatian fishermen uneasy to look at.

Slovenian also posses another modern battleship, Ankaran while Triglav is the first warship of the Russian production to be found in the fleet by a member of NATO. Seven years ago Slovenians got hold of a well armed 50-foot gunboat purchased from the Russians for 50 million US dollars, taking advantage of Slovenian part of the inherited debt ownage from the former Soviet Union to the former Yugoslavia.

Now time will tell if Croats will also send their battleship RTOP-11 Kralje Petar Krešimir IV. How will the little bay handle so many fishermen, gunboats and battleships we will see.

Slovenian foreign arbitration has failed to achieve their primary goal and that is to touch territorial waters with international waters, which would make them a maritime country – says Savudria fisherman Danilo Latin.

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