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Slovenski Tolar money – we miss you

This shall be about our former currency, the Slovene Tolar (SIT). To make also a short history review about the money used in our lands. I won’t go to far back with this.  After being in the Austrian Empire, Austrian thalers and such coins were used, though you could also trade with German thalers and Venice ducats. In the time of emperor Franz Josef I. silver and gold Florins and Gulden were used. In Austro-Hungary it came to using AO Koronas. Those were stamped over and used also in the first months after WWI. In the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes were used the SHS Dinars (later Royal Yugoslav Dinars). During times of occupation in WWII numerous money was used. In parts under Germany the Reichsmark was used. In parts under Italy Italian Liras were used. In Prekmurje they used Hungarian money and in small parts occupied by Croats the NDH Kuna was used. In years 1944-1965 the Federation Dinar was used, which was replaced by the YUD (Yugoslav Dinar) and in use during 1966-1989.

Then we got independent. Our first curenccy was the Bon, which was soon replaced by the Slovenski tolar. In the final years of the tolar the exchanging rate was 1 EUR = 239, 64 SIT. It seems his value wasn’t high, but for 100 SIT you could get an ice-cream. Now the same ice-cream costs 1-1,20 EUR. So many people don’t really like the Euro…

The word “tolar” means something like “Thaler” in German. The Slovene Tolar was designed by Miljenko Licul and were made in Great Britain. On the banknotes are important Slovenes and motives connected with them. On the coins are motives of animals which you can find in Slovenia. Here we go.

Deset stotinov

Dvajset stotinov

Petdeset stotinov

En tolar

Dva tolarja

Pet tolarjev

Deset tolarjev

Dvajset tolarjev

Petdeset tolarjev

Petsto tolarjev

Deset tolarjev

Dvajset tolarjev

Petdeset tolarjev

Sto tolarjev

Dvesto tolarjev

Tisoč tolarjev

Deset tisoč tolarjev

Here I’d like to thank Svaetoslava for the brilieant idea for making such a thread. :)

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