[POLL] What Would Slavs Rather…?

Y’all know about a game of “Would you rather?”, so lets take it to another level by going Slav! With this poll we will see how the collective Slav Hive mind thinks, what are some of the most common preferences of us all. Now this is just another for fun poll so don’t take it too serious!


  • Would you rather drink

    • 3 lousy beers
    • 1 fine beer
  • Would you rather have one yer supply of free

    • vodka
    • gas
  • Would you rather squat in

    • Adidas tracksuit
    • Leather jacket
  • Would you rather live in

    • Russia
    • Serbia
  • Would you rather season you food with

    • Garlic
    • Onion
  • Would you rather park your slavmobile

    • Near a location but with parking fee
    • Far but for free
  • Would you rather eat

    • Pizza
    • Ćevapi
  • Would you rather

    • Pay the bus ticket
    • Sneak in bus without paying and risk a ticket
  • Would you rather

    • Tell your babushka you won’t eat
    • Risk babushka seeing you barefoot

What do you think?

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