Snow flakes are like diamonds

Snowflakes are like diamonds when we view them under microscope. One such photography set was made by Alexey Klyatov, an amateur photographer from Russia. He took these photos with a use of microscope and High definition camera, and what he made is these amazing pictures of how snow really looks like. When you see this there will be no wonder why we love snow so much, especially ladies! For you that have no snow storms yet, well at least you can enjoy these photos even more. via(source)

To an eye viewers eye snowflakes can look very much alike.


But back in 1951, the International Commission on Snow and Ice divided ice crystals into seven basic shapes, ranging from “stellar crystals” to “irregular forms.”


More recent schemes have subdivided those categories into 35, 41, or even 80 distinct types.


Gowever even among those 80 types the crystals are still unique and each one is different.

snowflakesmacro007-26 snowflakesmacro007-29 snowflakesmacro007-32 snowflakesmacro007-35 snowflakesmacro007-41 snowflakesmacro007-44 snowflakesmacro007-53 snowflakesmacro007-56 snowflakesmacro007-71

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