Soviet cartoons that gave us nightmares

Most of us, thinking of childhood remember our favorite cartoons – bright, positive and funny animated films that we could spend hours watching. The creators of such films made every effort to entertain little kids and take them to the magical world of fairy tales and adventures, like the Disney studios or Pixar. This can not be said about the Soviet multipliers, especially in the period of the 80-90s.

Their animations with a rating of 0+ scared not only children, but also adults. Everything : color scheme, characters’ voiceovers and the plot itself did not allow the children of the Soviet Union to sleep at night. Just some of these “children’s horrors” are listed below.

“Two Maples”

1977, 0+

In this cartoon, everything is over the top damaging. Baba Yaga – a real maniac, turned the two boys into trees that moan and cry for help. The brave mother of the guys got a job as a housekeeper to the villain, but in order to save the children, she has to act in very cruel ways. Frightening animation, terrible toothy bear and chic acting voice make this film adaptation of Schwartz’s fairy tale even more terrible.

“His wife is a chicken”

1979, 0+

Plot: An ordinary Soviet apartment, a blue man, a female chicken and a child – a giant larva with a human head. Everything makes perfect sense, right? No comments needed, it’s all at the same time disgusting, creepy and frightening. And a lot of metaphorical meanings and other cleverness are buried here, but this is not so noticeable, because goosebumps are already guaranteed from the video sequence with its spotty images.

“Fern flower”

1979 6+

Gogol — the recognized master of the “horror” genre, Edgar Alan Po in the Slavic world, if you wish. It is not surprising that the animated film versions of his works are in the same category. In “The Flower of the Fern” all the terms of horror in place: a hopeless plot with devils and mysticism, uncomfortable drawing, psychedelic music. However, it is much more likely that he will frighten not only the child, but also an adult.

“Big Toll”

1980, rating not assigned

This is a scary Estonian cartoon about a giant creature. Here, blood is plentifully shed, heads are cut off, important characters die (read – all of them), all this in gloomy red tones and music that carries the remnants of courage. Surprisingly, a lot of festival awards were dumped to the cartoon.


1988, 0+

Complete and inevitable psychedelic, created on the basis of the legendary works – the story of Cyrus Bulychev and the poem of Sasha Cherny. About a handful of people eking out a miserable hopeless existence on an uninhabited planet after the crash of a spacecraft. Oh, yes, other cosmonauts are still arriving, having decided, in accordance with the order, to destroy all traces of earthlings on the planet. Classic children’s literature, by the way! Extremely darkly drawn and sounded atmospheric.


1989, 0+

Good plasticine cartoon permeated with selective madness from the first to the last frames. It is unlikely that you will withstand this incarnate horror for more than five minutes, but if you watch to the end, you will also have a tragic terrible ending. By the way, this is a screen version of the instructive Ukrainian fairy tale “Talky Baba”, to which all this plasticine style and gloomy performance add a fair degree of insanity.

“Bear the Lime foot”

1990, 0+

Under this title, there are two animation tapes of the Soviet times – and here we are talking about the one that came out in 1990. The 1984 cartoon with the same name is just a cute children’s tale. This one, though has a wild bear who`s leg was cut of, cooked and eaten by an old couple. What comes next? Bear makes himself a prosthetic leg of piece of wood and comes for a revenge.

Here we have darkness, violence and a bear on a crutch, whose white-eyed face will long be remembered by you after watching the cartoon.

Which of these cartoons would you dare show your children?

What do you think?

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