Soviet Jet Train “ER22 SVL” – It Almost Changed The Future Of Traveling

Wanna go faster? It’s easy, add plane turbojets on it!

USSR – When we look at the Cold War we only look at the negative sides of it, like possible start of WW3 that luckily didn’t happen. In this geopolitical view on the Cold War era we usually ignore any good that came out of it, like the military technology of the time that on end became a mainstream tech that civilians use for a better and easier life. So this is why we want you to meet ER22 SVL, the Soviet Jet Train. In 1970’s the large Soviet Union decided they need to hasten their traveling over the Union, but how could you make a Siberian Railway go faster? It’s easy, add a plane turbojet on it!

So the Soviet engineers started to work on this unseen technological advancement and they hoped it will change the world. It was amazing, with its two giant engines on the locomotives roof this beast was able to reach 260km/h, almost double of what average locomotive was achieving. h/t: dailymail, demilked

Jet train / Photo:

There was of course a reason why this piece of technology is now on a dusty scrapyard. It is because those giant engines were consuming so much fuel they would probably need to make a whole locomotive just a fuel tank, and what happens if a locomotive fuel tank on a full throttle of 260km/h jumps out of tracks and hits something?

Jet train / Photo:

Well you get the picture, it’s became a very dangerous 260km/h racing bomb that was supposed to transfer people and trading goods.

Jet train / Photo:

Funny thing is that not only Soviets thought this was a good idea, but Americans also did it too. It was in 1966. when Don Wetzel from New York has finished developing his own turbojet train “Black Beetle” that also was able to reach 295km/h.

Jet train / Photo:

Lucky for us average passengers, none of those projects went alive and you don’t have to drive in turbojet fuel bombs!

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