Soviet Twin of Swiss Hadron Collider

You do know about large Hadron Collider from Switzerland, right? Well what we are sure you didn’t know is that Soviet scientists already constructed one 20 years ago in a little village in close proximity to Moscow. In those times it was the first and largest particle accelerator in the world, ever.

So today like many Soviet things is an abandoned project and looks rusty and left alone, however that maybe just makes it more interesting in a way. Submitted by a member of leprosorium

collider-15 collider-16 collider-17 collider-19 collider-20 collider-21 collider-29 collider-31 collider-36 collider-37 collider-38 collider-39 collider-40 collider-42 collider-44 collider-47 collider-52 collider-55 collider-57

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