Šranganje – Slovene Folk Wedding Traditions

Šranganje is traditional for weddings in rural Slovenia. Nowadays it is practised mostly only on folk weddings (kmečka ohcet). In the past people got married only on Saturdays. Even today, you can marry only on a Saturday or Wednesday (for a civil marriage). So, as not everyday is wedding day, in the past people did all sorts of nonsense on such ocations. When a village girl wanted to get married, her groom had to pick her up at her house with a chariot or so. Of course, people always decided that they won’t give their girls to man from other villages so easy. Before the groom came, they set up a šranga – an obsticle.

Šranga can be in numerous forms, it doesn’t matter, as long as it blocks the whole road and makes it imposible for the groom to pass. Though usually it’s a wooden log put across the road. Šrangarji would then wait at the šranga for the groom, usually with musicians and drinking wine, refunsing to let the groom through when he came. Then it depends on how you do it. One way is to pay them a lot of money, so that they clear the road and let you through. Another way is to saw through the šranga.

Preparing the šranga

Sawing through the šranga

Money for šrangarji to let the groom through

Done one way or another, it doesn’t stop here. When the groom comes to his bride’s house, people usually dress up an old woman or even a man into a wedding dress and send her/him to the groom. Usually the groom refuses this bride  and demands his beloved one. To get her he must pay (again). Ene then they’d try to set him up a different bride, but oofcourse nothing can stop the groom and finally he’d get his real bride. Then they’d go to church all together and ger married, celebrating for 3 days …

“Of to the church!”

Of course the exact proces differs from region to region, village to village, wedding to wedding.

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