Steven Seagal received watermelons & carrots as a gift from Lukashenko

When you just want to chill in the countryside and eat all that good food

Photo © wikipedia / pixabay

Minsk, Belarus –  Steven Seagal is a very popular guest in Eastern Europe these days. His latest visit was to Belarus to meet the Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko and this visit was obviously a lot of fun. Seagal and Lukashenko bonded so well that they had a friendly day out at Lukashenko’s country home in Ozerny, which is located just a bit north of Minsk.

It was a sunny Thursday in Belarus and they enjoyed natural food and refreshing country air. Lukashenko was glad to offer Seagal all the tasty natural products he grows around his country house.

“Here you are: eat it for your health, it’s very good for you,” said Lukashenko.

After tasty carrots Seagal also received two huge watermelons, we are sure he enjoyed them very much by the way he carried them.

Fact: Did you know Steven Seagul is our brother? He is of Belarusian decent and he is obviously very proud of that.

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