Steven Seagal training Serbian special forces in Aikido

Steven Seagal is a well known actor and Aikido martial art master, so he was offered to train Serbian special forces. During his three-day visit there, this Hollywood star was meeting with the countries top officials from PM Aleksandar Vucic to their current president and other ministers. Steven Segal was so lucky he ended up with a award for his humanitarian work in Serbia, who knows, maybe he will get a statue as well in future. He was asked to share his knowledge of ancient Japenese martial art of Aikido  for may be about to go above the law after Serbian officials offered him a job training their special police forces. Seagal was asked if he would train their forces in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, in case they are ever under siege. The 63-year-old is a 7th Dan black belt in Aikido and has a large fan base in Serbia. While visiting Russia, he told RT that his father was a Russian Mongol and described himself as Russian.

Belgrade mayor Sinisa Mali told reporters that the Serbian people were eager to have Seagal back on their soil again.

“When you have such a famous star coming to Serbia, who loves our country and our people, our desire is to have him back again,”


However nothing is certain yet as Seagal has yet to make an decision on the job offer. The actor is also on friendly terms with President Putin and is frequently in Russia.

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