Story of Vedic Rus By Georgy Yudin

Georgi Yudin born September 27, 1943 in Turkmenistan left an imprint on his whole life and literature, as the artist says: “In 1948, Turkmenistan was a epicenter of terrible accident that happened as Ashgabat earthquake killed 130,000 people, including my father and sister.It was only thanks to my mother that I was, five year old boy survived, and that was as if I had been born a second time. ” G.Yudina wrote a fairy tale A.Pogorelskogo “Black chicken, or Living Underground” is likely to happen and helped Georgii Nikolaevich particularly clearly realize exceptional value for families and children. At the end of the railway college and serving in the army, where, in fact, he began to draw , the future artist studied at the Polygraphic Institute. Then he worked in film over the widely acclaimed “Red diplomatic couriers” and “Captain Nemo”. I was just a child artist when I had two daughters, Anya and Dasha and began flour called” Daddy, read a fairy tale! ”


With sadness I thought about unfinished illustrations to my favorite fairy tale “Black Hen” A.Pogorelskogo. Here then, 25 years ago, I wrote my first book “Bukvarёnok” on which children can learn to read themselves. Story via readmas

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