Stunning Graffiti Images and Street Art Scene From Ukraine Looks Impressive

Ukraine’s Most Stunning Wall Murals and Street Art Graffiti Images

Street art stopped being considered as vandalism a long time ago but in Ukraine this branch of art is relatively new. Especially with the old generation who are not yet used to ‘art’ on the walls and you can hear a lot of moaning about the drawing on walls and bridges. For many years Ukrainian street art was limited to such written words like “Vasia was here” or “Lena I love you”. And just recently some real street artists appeared. You can find their work all over the world, in such big mega policies like New York, Baltimore, Miami, Ibiza and many others.

The group of artists known under the nickname “Interesni Kazky” started creating their graffiti on the streets of Kiev more than ten years ago. The real names of the participants are Olexij Bordusov and Volodymyr Manzhos, they have published two sets of their work for presentation in London galleries and in Newcastle (Great Britain).

Soliana street graffiti

Soliana street / Photo:

Later The Huffington Post, an American online publisher named “Interesni Kazky” one of the best 25 painters in the world of street art.

At the moment you can see some of their graffiti on Kiev streets. One of them is situated on Soliana street. Or another new one on the Southern bridge

Southern bridge graffiti on topic of Autism

Southern bridge / Photo:

In general Ukraine looks like heaven for an experienced street artist. There is an uncountable number of boring grey streets in Ukraine, empty walls of old “khrushevkas”, the same blocks of flats with no difference from city to city. They are just asking to be painted on.

This one is made by the same artists and you can see it on the wall of an ordinary Ukrainian “khrushevka” near the Industrial bridge.


That’s why not only in Kiev but in other cities this culture is appearing more and more every year. The main topic of the street graffiti is probably patriotism. This topic became popular after the revolution in 2014 and the military conflict that started the same year in the East of Ukraine.

Another work of the famous street artists is more philosophical and is devoted to autism and difference.


Nowadays graffiti is the way to say your thoughts and show your opinion on the political situation in the country. It is not only about philosophy, beauty and art.

For example, this piece of graffiti you can see in the centre of Kiev near Andreyevski spusk, a place famous for its souvenir market which is very popular with tourists.


Or this one is in Mariupol, the city on the coast of the sea of Azov. The city is situated near the zone of the military conflict therefore this graffiti in particular is rather politicized.


This graffiti is from Odessa, another city which has been involved in the conflicts some time ago. This graffiti just like the previous one was created with the purpose of expressing someone’s political point of view rather than making the streets of the city look more jolly and beautiful.


Another city of Ukraine called Kremenchug has many pieces of graffiti showing the portrait of the most famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. This one has the words from one of his poems written next to it saying “Fight and you will win”.


There are also less famous and less politicalised yet not less beautiful pieces. Some of them can be found on the buildings of creative companies. This one showing four giraffes is on the wall of the architectural bureau.


Another “add” created by the employees of the same bureau is situated on the building near their office.  


And of course there are just interesting graffities which aim is to make the life of Ukrainians more interesting and enjoyable. Some of them are situated on the walls of the hospitals just like this one which decorates the wall of the children’s hospital “Ochmatdet” in Kiev.


Or this one situated in an ordinary residential area of Kiev. This graffiti shows all the main sites of the capital and it took the artist Michael Khimich three months to create.


Now the ordinary wall doesn’t look that ordinary anymore.

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