SU 27 Fighter Got Some New Perks

Russian multipurpose fighter jet of fourth generation, which is deeply upgraded fourth-generation fighter Su-27. Cab is completely made of “glass” with 4 multifunction display that eliminated the 13-arrow indicators. The new communications system provides a stable secure communication with the command post and between aircraft in the air. The Su-27SM is capable multirole fighter as it can effectively solve the problem using percussion precision weapons class “air – surface”, including using satellite-guided bombs. Su-27SM for the actions of air targets is almost 2 times more efficient than the Su-27C (its predecessor), and in operations against ground targets its efficiency is higher by more than 3 times. via armsexpo


The main differences Su-27SM3 are that is Has strengthened airframe, allowing to increase the take-off weight of more than 3 tons.


Featuring new turbojet engines AL-31F-M1, differing increased thrust and increased TBO.


Applicable for new fighter and modernized equipment ensures the application of new missiles “air-to-air” and “air-surface” extended range.


Through the application of a new set of RAP increased possibilities of action of aircraft in heavy counter enemy air defense systems.


The use of an integrated information system has improved the operational and technical characteristics of a fighter.


Improved information-control field of the cockpit.

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