SVIBOR – Serbian Knight Tournament

SVIBOR Serbian Knight tournament – Serbian knight’s fighting is a martial art, based on the skills of the medieval knights, the fighting skills of the Serbian insurgents, aswell as general Serbian martial tradition. SVIBOR is an association of citizens for preserving those skills and heritage.

Martial Art
Svibor includes training of skills such as horseback riding, swimming, climbing, unarmed combat aswell as combat with various types of medieval weapons.

One of the traditional events is the tournament, that is organized every year in Belgrade, on the Belgrade Fortress, in the Orthodox feast of Pentecost (50 days after Easter), also known as old Slavic Rusal week.

  • On the third international tournament of knights “Svibor – Duhovi 2007”, participated, in addition to the Serbian knights, also knights from Poland, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia. Altogether more than 300 knights.

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