Syrian women made a ‘Thank you’ calendar for Russian military

What better way to say thank you?

Syrian calendar / Photo:

Syria, Russia – In the middle of one of the ugliest civil wars in this century several young Syrian women decided to make a New Year calendar for as a thanks to Russia RT reported. In the calendar they wear just the traditional Russian attire such as Kokoshnik as a token of respect to Russian military. Normally as it would be expected, considering Syrian war is a hot topic and a lot of propaganda is involved both from West and East, the calendar went viral around social media some judging it as a pro-Russian project, others saying it’s just Syrians being thankful and so on.

Officially this calendar was a project of Syrians living in Russia that are a part of “Russia’s Independent youth” and it was published on the website “From Syria with Love”. As you will see below most of the calendar photos are displayed with witty captions such as “Is that your carrier parked at the Syrian shore?”, but some complained that they were attributed to some of the models without their knowledge.

Nevertheless no matter do you support NATO or RF view on Syria, it’s good to see war is coming to an end and young Syrians such as these on the calendar will be able to enjoy life instead of fearing for their life.

Nice calendar, don’t you think? 

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