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  • Five Meters From Wild Bears On Kamchatka

    Andrew Cyrus Kamchatka, an adventurer, blogger and traveler  was able to capture a very interesting scene, just a few meters from wild bears. In the natures sanctuary came a scientist from Germany to study the habits of these wild bears. […] More

  • Cute Himalayan Bear Cubs Rescued in Khabarovsk

    Unfortunately two bears were left without their mothers so now these little predators have to spend their life in captivity. Employee of the Khabarovsk regional public movement “Zoozaschita – DV” Natalia Kovalenko has bottle feed two little baby Himalayan bears […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful Kurwa!Kurwa! Blyat!Blyat!

    Pet Shop Russian way

    Pet Shop Russian way – You always loved animals such as bears, wolfs and deers but you never had chance to keep them or even pet them! No worries here’s a Russian guy that can help you out!  Just a […] More