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  • Crimea is without electricity but it has truck TV’s

    Ever since power blackout has hit crimea, people have been disconnected from world and news. As transmission lines from Ukraine where cut, a complete blackout over whole Crimea has happened making life from Crimean residents pretty desperate. Wars are never […] More

  • Red lake with salty flowers, not odd at all Crimea!

    Crimea has a lot of interesting things going on, one of them are Salt lakes that are beautiful and look pretty much alien to our world in general. This are is rarely visited by tourists (specially now due to Russian-Ukrainian […] More

  • Walking Under The Clouds In Ai-Petri, Ukraine

    Do you want to walk under the clouds? If yes, you can have a excellent expirience of this in Ai-Petri, Ukraine.  The suspension bridges are new there, making it a cool place for tourists. An excellent experience! Ai-Petri is one […] More

  • Nature of Crimea

    The Crimean peninsula, is located in the south of Ukraine and has an area of ​​only 26 thousand square kilometers, at the same time is truly a natural treasure. It’s hard to name a place that could compare with it […] More