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  • Russian photographing cute foxes at Arctic circle

    Russian fighting boredom at Arctic circle with cute foxes – Russia’s remote north-eastern Chukotka region is an inhospitable arctic tundra, actually the place is so amazing even tho it has this harsh landscape. Luckily for us Russian photographer Ivan Kislov […] More

  • Clean Slavic Nature of Kamchatka

    Clean Slavic Nature of Kamchatka – Wild beauty, Incessant rains, crazy harsh winds of Kamchatka, sleeping in damp sleeping bags during cold nights, gnats and wool lice are inevitable companions of people working in the Kronotsky natural reserve. But hey it’s […] More

  • Real flying Foxes in Kronotsky?

    Real flying Foxes? – Kronotsky (Russian: Кроноцкая сопка, Kronotskaya Sopka) is a major stratovolcano of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, and it’s filled with flying foxes! The summit crater is plugged by a volcanic neck, and the summit itself is ice […] More