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  • Old Karelian Houses Are Still Inhabited

    Russian man adapts to everything. For all the hardships he is stoically ready to experience not even complain. Yes, it is a post about miserable home, and if you were just thinking out loud now – a graphic illustration. In […] More

  • Pagan Beliefs in Vottovaara mountain

    Vottovaara mountain, and ancient Pagan worshiping site just 20 km from lake Sukkozero of Karelia. It became famous due to odd looking boulders in it’s strewn landscape. In history as glacial ice was retreating some 10k years ago these odd […] More

  • Karelia the Scandinavian Russia

    Karelia the Scandinavian Russia – When you hear of Scandinavia you automatically think about Norway, Sweden or Finland…but we will take you to the north western Russia! This is an idea of what your weekend could look like if you […] More