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  • Czech Liberland invasion on Balkans continues

    The conquerors have come to the new land and the flag has been plunged into the coast of Danube. The free Republic of Liberland has been born along with it’s new self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlicka. Like a true warrior he is […] More

  • Micro Balkan States Go To Blood War Over Land

    As it’s almost a tradition in Balkans, wars come and go easily there. It seems as if Balkans are under a curse from long time ago, because just as the region had few years of peace now even Czech and […] More

  • Czech Declared State Between Serbia and Croatia

    Vito Jedlički obviously got bored of exhausting dispute between Croatia and Serbia around the Danube border between Backi Monoštar and Zmajevac, so he decided to declare an independent state. State Name is Liberland, and the first president, of course, became the […] More