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  • 16 Photos That Prove Russia is Amazing

    We hope you are ready for some Earthp**n, because Russia is full of it and it will just make you mind blow away. These photographs were collected by Reddit which is a “entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered […] More

  • Mountain Storm Shelters In Slovenia

    We guess there are some Architecture enthusiasts among our fans, as well as hikers and mountaineers. Though don’t worry even if you are not you will at least enjoy these sights that come right to us from Slovenian mountains. Extreme […] More

  • Five Meters From Wild Bears On Kamchatka

    Andrew Cyrus Kamchatka, an adventurer, blogger and traveler  was able to capture a very interesting scene, just a few meters from wild bears. In the natures sanctuary came a scientist from Germany to study the habits of these wild bears. […] More

  • Hidden Beauty Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    A blogger and photographer zahariz recently traveled over Bosnia & Herzegovina, a not that well known but beautiful country in the Balkans. Zahariz just rented a car in capital city Sarajevo and started a long driving session over the country […] More

  • Dreamlike Prskalo waterfall from Serbia

    You probably ask yourself are you looking at Na’vi world from the famous movie Avatar, or something real? Well this is real, fascinating and well preserved waterfall from Serbia. Due to it’s odd, almost alien-like looks, it has become very […] More

  • Magical Slavic nature by Ukrainian Vyacheslav Mishchenko

    Magical Slavic nature by Vyacheslav Mishchenko – We bring you a cool story about one cool photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko! Mushrooms are my second passion after photography. I am an avid mushroom hunter. My passion for mushrooms, as well as photography, was […] More

  • Clean Slavic Nature of Kamchatka

    Clean Slavic Nature of Kamchatka – Wild beauty, Incessant rains, crazy harsh winds of Kamchatka, sleeping in damp sleeping bags during cold nights, gnats and wool lice are inevitable companions of people working in the Kronotsky natural reserve. But hey it’s […] More

  • Cute wild-life of Kamchatka

    Cute wild-life of Kamchatka – No matter how hard of bad you day is you’re about to get your hearth melted aways and your eyes fed with some very visual eye candy. Welcome again to kamchatka, a land where one […] More

  • Green Tsunami from Czech Moravia will leave you breathless

    Czech Moravia – Stunning photos from the photographer Marcin Sobas keep amazing anyone that lays an eye on them. The magnificent green hills of Moravia form these amazing natural waves, which from some angles look like a great green tsunami! Ladies and gentleman, […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Czechoslovakian Wolfdog – the best dog in the world

    The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a new breed that attracts attention because of its wolf-like appearance. Slovak Wolfdog, Czech Wolfdog, Československý Vlčiak, Československý Vlčák. They are light, agile, and extremely fast, but they are also tall and strong. They have a […] More

  • Montenegrin nature – the untouched heaven

    Montenegrin nature – Due to low population and mountainous terrain Montenegro still holds very beautiful and untouched nature! Very similar to Dalmatian Croatia that Montenegro borders with you will find most unusual and amazing landscapes. Maybe next time when you’re […] More

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