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  • Belarusian Businessmen Restoring Whole Abandoned Village

    Few decades as a village Tenevichi vegetated and of half a dozen houses were only a few living in the district executive committee to think seriously about how to completely wiped off the map. A similar fate befell many Belarusian […] More

  • Reconstruction of Russian archaeological findings

    Reconstruction of Russian archaeological findings, to be more precise a reconstruction of Russian faces from remains that were found in tombs and alike. This will give you a chance to take a look how people used to look in Russian […] More

  • Great Moravian castle has been unearthed

    Ducovéc is a municipality (village) situated in western Slovakia, near the spa town of Piešťany. Kostolec is a projecting promontory of the Považský Inovec Mountains, 240 meters above the sea level. It dominates adjacent parts of Považie and provides a […] More