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  • Russian Black Sea Fleet

    If you ever wondered how Russian Black Sea Fleet looks like, here it is! The Black Sea Fleet (Russian: Черноморский Флот, Chernomorsky Flot) is a large operational-strategic sub-unit of the Russian (and formerly Soviet) Navy, operating in the Black Sea […] More

  • Slovenes in the AH Navy – Civil and Millitary

    Recently I’ve come across a book that is rather rare here – because of it’s nature. It is called Slovenci v vojnah 593 – 1918, the author is Roger Gogala. It’s describing the millitary history of the Slovenes from the […] More

  • Slavic wooden ship building from history still goes on

    Slavic wooden ship building – In Russia today we will take a look how reconstructions of Varangian longships called Varyag (and more modern versions from 18th century by the same name) look like. As part of the Great Expedition Onega in […] More