TasteAtlas: Find Your Favorite Slavic Recipes By Country, Babushkas Heaven

The web app that every aspiring Babushka should be aware off…

Yugoslavia dishes / Photo: TasteAtlast screenshot

Slavs are one of those people that enjoy food more than any other culture in our little world. Why do we say that? Because some of the major death causes in Slavic countries are related to food consumption, i.e. we love to eat a good roasted pork or lamb even if your life depends on it. Babushas are regularly giving their best to prepare the most insane amounts of varied food for their grand-kids (or syneks) and try to pull it off as just “it’s just a snack son”. So a new web app was released, it is called TasteAtlas, and it is will be a pretty big thing for all the mentioned Slav groups above. Even thought the app is based on a world-wide aspect, we’ll focus on what we actually care for, so let us check it out by Slavic country. More info:

If by any chance you’re super mad that your favorite meal isn’t listed on the site, feel free to submit it yourself.

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