Tensions between Poland and Russia over missile shield

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday evening in Athens made the first bilateral visit to a member of the European Union in more than a year. reports that threats were made towards Romania and Poland because Moscow considers the new missile system as a threat to it’s own safety. This was the strongest warning to date related to the missile shield, Putin said that Moscow has stated repeatedly that they will have to take retaliatory steps, but they are persistently ignored.

The US military earlier this month in Romania activated the shield, which they claims to represent the defense from Iran, and not a threat to Russia. Ongoing work on the second part of the shield is in Poland.

“Now we will be forced to implement specific measures to ensure safety of Russia” Putin said at a joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. “The same will be the case with Poland,” said the Russian president.

He said that the justification that the shield was needed because of Iran doesn’t make any sense because international agreement was reached that limits Iran’s nuclear program.

The rockets that make the shield can easily hit Russian cities, he added. “Is that not a threat to us?” asked Putin.

It was during the visit, he signed an agreement on economic cooperation with Greece, an EU member, which must decide next month on extending sanctions against Russia imposed after the Ukrainian crisis, and Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

“As for Crimea, that question is closed for us, forever-” Putin said.

What do you think is there any chance to settle this peacefully?

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