The Beautiful Music of Macedonia

D1_TheOne (CC0), Pixabay

Macedonia has widely been regarded as the cradle of Slavic literacy and Christianity rooted in the diverse and complex history of the region. Macedonian music is just as assorted and compound, a colorful blend of ancient Slavic rhythms and melodies, the traditional chants of the Byzantine Empire, the rhythmic complexity and melodic qualities of the local music played in the region for millennia, and the strong influence of Ottoman-brought instruments. Macedonians truly hide a rich musical tradition that expresses strong emotions and gives an atmospheric sensation like no other musical tradition on the Balkans. Here’s a taste of the covert musical practice of Macedonia:

10. Me Fatije – Synthesis

9. Death of Alexander – Anastasia

8. Constantinopol – Mizar

7. Na Rjekah Vavilonskijih – Anastasija

6. Parahodot Mi Prestigna – Nikola Badev

5. Tvoite Oci – Baklava

4. Mori Cupi Kosturcanki – Baklava

3. Uci Me Majko, Karaj Me (instrumental) – Leb i Sol

2. Vo Nase Selo – Synthesis

1. Identity – Synthesis

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