The Beauty of Russian Hand-Carved Windows Captured By Ivan Khafizov

“collection of window frames from all regions of Russia”

Our villages are full of little cultural jewels that we take for granted. This is why Russian photographer Ivan Khafizov decided to do something about it, to make you appreciate a true spontaneous art of our villages. He traveled to over 140 distant villages across his motherland Russia to document all the amazing hand-carved wooden window frames.

These windows are known as “nalichniki” in Russia, he photographed them for his  project. To visit those 140 villages he also had to visit 20 Russian regions, photographing window-cover crafts to create his “Virtual Museum of Traditional Window Covers”. More info: nalichniki.comInstagram (h/t: photogrist)

“This project is a very vast, also it has the ultimate goal: to assemble a collection of window frames from all regions of Russia (and neighboring countries, as there are also at least in Belarus and Kazakhstan) and classify it. Perhaps – as the result will be so called atlas determinant of origin, homeland of carved window frames.”

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