The Fastest Growing YouTube Channels In Ukraine

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Nowadays, there is no so much hustle around television anymore, and reason to that is YouTube. Viewers prefer searching for entertaining content on the Internet without having to wait for program to start or advertisements to pass. With YouTube becoming a huge industry, there are lots of influencers to choose from. And Ukrainian video blogging community also has it`s gems. Here is a selection of channels that are estimated to be the most growing in recent month.  They are not the biggest ones, with most different content genre, but worth a watch and you probably find something interesting here.

Greenteanosugar (Margarita Muradova)

Ukrainian most famous stylist, fashion-blogger. Being around YouTube since 2010, she, three times per week provides her viewers with most useful and up-to date information, ideas tips and tricks on fashion. Having a decade worth experience of being a stylist, with clients all over the world, she can easily explain how not to blend in the crowd,  how not to be carried away with fashion trends  and find your unique sense of style. Also, in recent years she launched her own style academy “Stylist”, that provides courses and series of webinars for those who wants to improve their skills as a personal stylist, who dream to take hold on this profession without having any background knowledge or coaching, who wants to develop their own sense of fashion industry, and(the most recent one) how to become a buyer “from scratch”. YouTube

Vlad Kucherenko

Photografer, video-blogger from Lviv, who started as a wedding assistant photographer, but grew out his name on both Instagram and YouTube social platforms. His style is mainly vlogs, trashy survival videos, photoshoot backstage fotaga and daily vlogs with his wife and kid. His channel growth in recent yuer is surprising, regardless of the fact, that he runs an Ukrainian speaking channel that, statistically does not cover big part of Ukrainian audience. Will be interesting for: high-quality vlogs lovers, travelers, ones who appreciate “trash” content. YouTube:

Tania Kravchuk

The blog of the Ukrainian model, who travels the world, has already collected more than 55,000 subscribers. This is not a typical beauty blog, because besides reviews of cosmetics and clothes, Tanya also shoots quality mini-films about life in Paris, London, Lviv and other cities. Although many of her subscribers are attracted by a beautiful picture: the girl looks great in the frame and actively shares tips with her subscribers. What’s special: atmospheric musical mini-films about life in the world capitals + detailed analysis of wardrobe models and tips for girls. Will be interesting for: those who love beautiful videos to music + those who are interested in how the models live. YouTube:

Sasha Chistova

Young video blogger, from Lviv, who turns 20 in October this year. For the sake of her work, she took an academic vacation, decided that the channel is more important and began to raise the channel. She did it. For a year, she was able to recruit over one million subscribers on YouTube and this is a very decent result. She grew out her channel to be one of the most viewed personas in Ukrainian YouTube space and to receive the biggest amount of partnerships and brand deals among others. Also won lots of awards in blogging, fashion, influencing. She talks fashion, beauty, travel, friendship etc. on her channel and will be a perfect late evening watch. Will be interesting for: young girls who love makeup, fashion and those who love beautiful videos to music. YouTube

Miss Katy

The main heroine of the channel Miss Katy is a little girl Katya from Odessa. She may be the youngest youtuber of Ukraine, but her numbers remain amazing. Her mom made this channel just to keep good memories of Katy growing up, but it exploded in multi-million social platform that is enjoyed by kids and their parents not only in Ukraine, but abroad as well. Parents give her gifts, and direct children’s reaction is filmed on video. This unpretentious act brought the channel already more than nine million subscribers. On the channel you can follow the life, games and entertainment of the little heroine. Also, in addition to the reaction to the gifts of the girls, Katya’s day-to-day life with her elder brother is there. YouTube:

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