The Hatters: Russian Gypsy Folk Street Alco-hardcore on Soulful Instruments

The band first appeared on the radar in 2016, when they posted a music video “Russian Style” on the web. They have been actively involved in the music industry for only 2 years but have already appeared on national channels, organised big international shows, and gained a solid fanbase that keeps growing steadily. In the last year they have performed in two biggest venues in Russia, gathering countless amounts of fans. This year they are starting to conquer the International stage with their gigs in Israel and Belarus.

What makes them stand out among countless other artists in contemporary Russian industry? Almost everything, actually.

When you look at them you realise that they do look more like a gypsy camp. There are 7 constant band members, almost each a master of their own folk instrument. Two frontmen, Yuri Muzychenko and Pavel Lichadeyev play violin and piano accordion respectively. Alexander “Kikir” Anisimov plays bass, Dmitri Vecherin – drums, and Vadim Rulev is a trombone virtuoso. The percussions are created by two beautiful Annas, wives of Yura and Pasha.

Such an array of instruments allow them to create a truly unique sound. The Hatters themselves define their genre of music as gypsy folk street alco-hardcore on soulful instruments. It may sound perplexing and too complicated to comprehend at first, but it actually describes their music surprisingly well. It is always energetic and charged with emotions, although it never sounds too much because of the steady rhythm they always have. The violin and piano accordion give you the unusual but mesmerising dynamics, and beautifully composed trombone parts is a cherry on top.

Their music may sound a bit crazy, but adding little dash of chaos in your life is perfectly alright. Especially when someone does it with so much fun and dedication to their art.

Yura, Pasha, and Anna Lichadeyeva were all graduates of the same theatre university, where Anna Muzychenko taught a course, so you can say they all were destined to meet one way or the other. The idea of creating a band appeared in the heads of Yura and Pasha several years ago, when they worked in St. Pete’s Clown & Mime Theater “Licedei”. Pasha would often bring his piano accordion to play, and Yura would sometimes join him with a guitar. They never though of starting to make music seriously until one day Muzychenko brought his violin. As soon as they heard the combination of their instruments, they realised how much potential such a sound has. So The Hatters basically started from the improv jam sessions in between the rehearsals and performances. They created the band and uploaded their first video “Russian Style”, that made them popular.

Many have already heard of another pillar of contemporary Russian music – LITTLE BIG – who also became famous after a music video posted on YouTube. Ilya Prusikin, the frontmen of LITTLE BIG, have been friends with Yura Muzychenko for quite a while now. They have both been working on creating YouTube content in KLIKKLAK. Together they have filmed countless videos where they do rather obnoxious things for the amusement of the audience. One of the videos even ended up with Yura, tattooing Ilya’s face on his ass cheek. Both of them still do video blogging along with working on their music careers. By the way, Yura has his own channel where he posts funny and rather creative vlogs of the band from their tours, events, and working process.

Also you can come across band members in a tattoo studio – BackStage Tattoo. It was established and is now run by the Muzychenko family. The band often gives small concerts, films their vlogs, works on their music, or simply chills there.

Recently, The Hatters rented a house in the snowy woods of Russia, where the whole band stayed to record a new album “Дом” (“The House”). Now the work is almost finished and they depart for a tour. So keep an ear out for the updates on the album release date! And in the meantime, you can watch their music videos or check out KLIKKLAK videos, where the boys won’t let you get bored on a dark lonely evening.

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