The haunted Devils tower in Slovenia

The haunted Devils tower in Slovenia – This renaissance style gate and the garden pavilion belong to the Soteska Castle in Southeast Slovenia, by the Krka river, in the Dolenjske Toplice municipality, which is 67 km far from Ljubljana. In this beautiful pavilion of the 17th century, which has the ground plan in the form of the four feathery clover, there are beautiful, partially preserved, wall paintings on the colonnaded structures with monumental female figures, which personify faith, hope and love.

The folk tradition explains that the unusual name of the garden pavilion is linked to the hedonistic entertainments, regularly organized by the Lords of the Castle. Although these entertainments in the pavilion were only a reflection of the lifestyle of the aristocracy during the Rococo period, among the villagers they created an impression of sinfulness and therefore they named the pavilion Hudičev turn (Devil’s tower).



Now is this tower surrounded by many legends and rumors about hauntings. Some people believe that there live devil. Some people hear strange noises and screams of girls who were raped by lorde on their hedonistic entertainments and sex orgies.

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