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The history of Russia through the eyes of the reenactors by Svetlana Makoveeva

Fourteen reenactors of seven epochs of Russian history – about the spirit of the past and the present

Russian photographer Svetlana Makoveeva has started a project that brings together 14 of the historical characters that were major parts of Russian history. From the 9th century warriors and maidens all the way to WW2 comrades and comradettes.

Reconstructors tell what motivates they have to turn to the past, how they feel themselves in modern Russia and how would they like to live in the era they recreate. h/t:(theguardian)

Alexander, 26, 9th century, warrior

Anastasia, 24, 9th century, middle-class woman

Dmitry, 32, 13th century, senior warrior

Irina, 36, 13th century, wife of a warrior

Kirill, 37, 15th century, warlord

Victoria, 36, 15th century, warlord’s wife

Sofia, 17, 17th century, musketeer’s daughter

Igor, 37, 17th century, Muscovite musketeer

Tatiana, 30, 19th century, nobleman’s wife

Mikhail, 20, 19th century, Hussar

Svetlana, 41, early 20th century, merchant’s wife

Ivan, 27, early 20th century, Russian soldier

Dmitry, 43, second world war, major in secret police (NKVD)

Olga, 51, second world war, medical nurse

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