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The Human Side Of Russia You’ll Never See On Tourist Postcards

Alexander Petrosyan has won numerous awards for his photography

Photo: Alexander Petrosyan / Instagram

Award-winning photographer Alexander Petrosyan has spent few decades discovering what makes his home town tick: the everyday comedy and drama of a city built on contradictions. You know, its those little things that make your home a place that you love. Our Alexander Petrosyan has a thought that with photography he can’t change the world, but can help other people understand it a lot better. He has been making memorable photos from his childhood when he received his first camera as a birthday gift at the age of 12 which eventually made him turn professional in 2000.

He is fascinated by the street life of his hometown, St. Petersburg, where he lived most of his life. The city’s historical centre consists of just a few dozen square miles and Alexander knows every corner by heart. Any pictures he takes while travelling, he says, are best kept private – the eye of a tourist can only offer a fleeting glimpse from the outside. “This is my world,” he says of St. Petersburg. More info: Alexander Petrosyan, Instagram (h/t: huckmagazine)

“The most difficult thing is not to repeat yourself,” he says. “Get away from your own signature style and traditions; you have to update your thinking and seek change constantly.”

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