The Iron Golubac Fortress in Serbia

Golubac Fortress is located four kilometers downstream from the town of Golubac, on the steep Danube river sides before the entrance to the gorgeous Djerdap Gorge. Golubac Fortress was built on the rocky slopes of a small hill, the offshoot of the Homolje mountains. The ramparts of the Golubac city follow the configuration of the terrain. There is a legend of how this fortified place was established. The story says that once there was a beautiful girl by the name of Golubana. Stories about her beauty came to the Turkish Pasha who proposed marriage to her and gifted her with many presents in order to become his bride. The girl refused his offer as with all the other admirers, so the Turkish Pasha decided to punish her. She was tied to the cliff above the Danube and birds mutilated her body and she died. The memory of the girl’s beauty and the said story remained amongst locals and that is how town where she lived got the name Golubac. It is not known when and who erected the Golubac Fortress. The fortress was first time mentioned after the death of King Dragutin Nemanjic /1316/ as the fortification with Hungarian soldiers.

Tzar Lazar tried unsuccessfully to conquer Golubac Fortress to become eventually the Serbian property at the beginning of the 15th century. After the death of King Stefan Lazarevic /1427/, Turks conquered the territories of Hungary and the Golubac fortification as well, which was under their rule until the beginning of the 19th century.

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