The List of Unknown Winter Resorts and Beautiful Skiing Gems of Ukraine

Winter has never looked so good, it’s worth a visit!

Dragobrat resort / source:

Ukraine – If you like skiing you are probably aware of the best skiing spots across Europe. Some of them are cheaper, some of them are more expensive, but if you go to the same place every year it might get a big boring. That’s why in this article I will give you an alternative that not many people know about. On the West of Ukraine in the Carpathian mountains there are some very famous ski resorts.

Now considering we have your attention we would like to review the best of them. Hopefully, one day if you ever will decide to take a winter vacation in Ukraine, you could have a good use of this list. So, here are the best winter vacation resorts in Ukraine: 


Bukovel resort /

Bukovel is the most famous ski resort in Ukraine. It has 63 ski runs: 13 easy, 36 difficult and 7 expert ones. The longest ski run is 2100 meters long. The passengers are transported by 16 ski lifts. If you don’t know how to ski, don’t worry, there are special ski and snowboard schools where professional teachers will show you what to do.

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  • The level of service is the highest but the prices are the highest too.
  • The prices of a ski pass start at 50€ for a three day pass.
  • The prices of the ski or snowboard equipment rental start at 2.5€ per adult and 0.80€ per child.
  • The prices of the hotels start at 40€ per night for 2 people.

Bukovel is very popular among Ukrainians, if you want to go there in winter, especially around the New Year, you better book everything in advance. Even though it is the biggest resort you still need to be lucky with the weather. If there is no snow there are fake snow machines but this is the biggest disadvantage in comparison to, for example the Alps, where there is snow all the time.


Yablunytsia resort / source:

Yablunytsia is another ski resort which is situated very close to Bukovel but is not so popular, therefore it is not so expensive. The distance from Bukovel is only 30 km, you will be able to see the highest mountain of Ukraine Goverla. The temperature in winter goes down to -15 degrees and the snow normally stays throughout the whole winter until May.

There are only 8 ski runs and 5 ski lifts. There are almost never queues and you will definitely be able  to enjoy the nature in peace (something that Bukovel is lacking on).

Mountain view / source:
  • The ski lift usage costs from 0.17€ for one time to 3.5€ for a day pass.
  • The prices of the ski or snowboard equipment rental start at 1.7€ per adult.
  • The prices of the hotels start at 7€ per night for 2 people.

You can find cheaper accommodation if you don’t book it in advance but just rent a room in private houses.


Slavske resort / source:

In the Slavske resort you will be able to enjoy not just skiing but also sightseeing as there are many other places nearby worth visiting, such as lakes, waterfalls, zoos, ostrich farms and many others.

There are 11 ski runs in Slavske, their length is 22 km. There are many ski lifts but on the most popular ones you can see queues sometimes. The most famous ski runs are equipped with fake snow machines.

Slavske view / source:
  • The price of one lift start at 1.2€ for one time or 7 for the whole day.
  • The price of the ski or snowboard equipment rentals start at 1€ per adult.
  • The prices of the hotels start at 25€ per night for 2 people in high season and much cheaper in the low season.

In Slavske you will find a lot of wooden villas and the service is great. The food is delicious in various restaurants and cafes. For the most demanding tourists there is a hotel which is definitely providing the service on the level with the best European resorts but for a much cheaper price. This hotel name is Veza Vedmeza, and if you decide to go skiing in Slavske, you must book a place in this hotel a long time in advance.


Dragobrat resort / source:

Dragobrat is another famous ski resort in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. The biggest advantage of Dragobrat is its location. It is surrounded by higher mountains which make the snow stay there almost all the time from November until May. The resort is situated far from villages and towns which allows the tourists to enjoy the nature more than in other places.

Dragobrat view / source:
  • The prices of one lift start at 0.7€ for one time or 5.4€ for the whole day.
  • The prices of the ski equipment rental start at 1.7€  and 3.4€ for snowboard.
  • The prices of the hotels start at 9.6€ per night for 2 people in high season and much cheaper in low season.

Dragobrat is considered to be the most picturesque ski resort of Ukraine. Some ski runs are approved by the international ski organizations, several of them are free style ski runs.

All the ski resorts in Ukraine are situated not far from Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian borders. They are easy to get to and they are much cheaper than their European counterparts.

For those who are bored of the same places every year Ukraine can be a great alternative.

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