The Lonely Fortress On Winter Island

Tower called Tura is located on the island of Ludwigshtein. It’s a romantic but also scary looking place, a lonely tower which was a Finnish water tower. However, along with the surrounding of landscape it evokes absolutely Tolkien fairytale like feelings! Not far seen of here is also the houses and towers of Vyborg but unfortunately the weather was not favorable, so knowing that they are there, you can only guess the shape. On the island itself, bloggers went out on the frozen waters of the Gulf of Finland. The Ludwigshtein is forbidden to get on, but easily accessible in winter on the ice island so this was their first time they went on this frozen abandoned island. There was an abandoned water tower that dominates the town of Vyborg.

In contrast to the tower Tura simply elegant panorama opens, especially in autumn for photographers to help their creativity. So enjoy some photos of Tura tower on Russian territory on Russian-Finland border. Story via Jenich

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