The long forgotten Zaklyuchye estate

Zaklyuchye is a amazing lonely estate located in-between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It’s correct location is about 40 km from the highway so the shortest way to get here is from Moscow by a hidden dirt road where not all cars can go as the snow on some parts is too high. However upon arriving here the views of the location and it’s surrounding are so picturesque that you will soon to forget about everything – so this is how a beautiful rural Russian winter must be, amazing! Zaklyuchye estate is situated in the scenic nature like little lake by its, high sore and snow covered woodland. Enjoy the amazing photos below and more info on: Victor Borisov

Inhabitable structures of the estate are located on the high range of hills skirted by a dirt road.

On the southern are of the hills there is a terrace facing the beautiful lake.

Hose is quite sturdy as it is built of bricks and high boulders in it’s construction laying.

This amazing deluxe estate is very complex in its architecture as in the front side main facade is a parterre where still an old birch and flowerbeds remain.

It has large tower on the southern facade of the house.

he south of the terrace is arranged with a high buttress with two “bulwarks” of  semicircular shape.

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